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7 Reasons to Visit Puglia

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Sunset from villa

As people start to look forward to travelling this summer with European restrictions easing, we want to let you know why a summer in Salento is the Italian holiday that you didn’t even know you needed until now. Puglia can often get overlooked in comparison to the touristy destinations in Italy and Salento is the choice of Italians on the Ionian coast with Carribean like sandy beaches. Forget the Amalfi Coast, you don’t need to break the bank or follow the crowd! Plumlocations Beach Villa allows you to explore the heel of Italy while relaxing in a spacious and modern villa right on the beach. Fly into either Bari or Brindisi and your Southern Italian adventure begins…

1- The secret is starting to get out

The time is now to visit Puglia, as this undiscovered known haven in Italy is starting to gain traction with tourists and celebrities from Helen Mirren to the Beckhams! You can tell a location is worth visiting if it’s where domestic holidays are taken as the Italian locals know the best spots in their own country. So, book now before Salento’s secret is unearthed and you are no longer joyfully alone on your holiday!

2- Picturesque Puglian towns

If you want to relax in the villa the whole time that’s totally understandable as it’s a dream, but there are several options for desirable day trips that will take you to the dramatic and historic Puglian towns:

Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare beach

Polignano a Mare is on the Adriatic side of the coast, but still merely an hour’s drive and is well worth visiting. This dramatic white-washed town is built on the edge of rugged cliffs with gleaming turquoise sea just below. There is an intimate and scenic beach set between two cliff faces, with a bridge you can walk across to capture the money shot! If you feel like splashing out, go to the cave restaurant Grotta Palezesse for a romantic and bucket-list style restaurant in a unique setting.

Matera, a UNESCO heritage site, is known as Italy’s cave city. This rustic, unique and memorable city is oozing in heritage and history, with the preserved ruins and caves making you feel like you are stepping back in time as you wind through the ancient city. Enjoy a walking tour of the area, so you can further understand the city’s past and learn about the ‘sassi’ from an expert.

Credit: Rockthetraveller

Alberobello is the fairytale town of the trulli! This charming town is filled with bright white ‘gnome-like’ houses with canonical rooftops. Fun fact, this World Heritage Site was initially built because local families wanted to avoid paying taxes, so they built structures that could be easily taken down. Meander the trulli-lined streets, get your Instagram snaps, and have a refreshment. This is a tourist haven so get there early, and it needn’t be more than a half day trip.

3- Its very affordable

It is extremely hard to enjoy a Mediterranean break nowadays without seeming to be being ripped off for food, activities and alcohol due to the € price. Puglia is a true rarity, where the value of everything is fantastic. You can finally wine and dine without having to whine about the fine! For example, a local Osteria near the villa serves 10 courses for 13 euros – how is that for good value?

4- Award-winning wine

A must on your Italian trip is a vineyard tour, after all you are in the heart of the Primitivo wine country! Just ten minutes away you can enjoy a wine tasting to add an element of sophistication to your holiday. Sit in a rustic farmhouse, and enjoy warm and attentive service while they pair local meats, cheese’s and breads with Primitivo and Negroamara and many more. We loved these delicious and affordable wines so much we get them sent over to the UK in boxes regularly!

Puglian Beach5- Blissful Beaches

Puglia boasts the most lustrous golden sand beaches in mainland Italy. Picture the striking, striped umbrellas poised over a Mediterranean beach aesthetic. The villa itself is perched on a small secluded beach, with a larger beach only a stone’s throw away if you want to sunbathe sharpish. But, if you head down the road for a few minutes you will hit the jackpot, as there are miles of Caribbean looking white-sand beaches that places like the South of France charge an arm and a leg for, but not Puglia! Check out Conde Nast Traveller’s piece on the best beaches in Puglia if you are an avid sun seeker.

6- Culinary Excellence

Naturally, food is one of the most important parts of any holiday and can make or break a destination! Fortunately, the cuisine here is definitely the former. Traditional Puglian food includes Orechietti pasta, Taralli biscuits which accompanies a glass of wine, and Parmigiana di Melanzane (aubergine and parmesan). With Puglia being an agricultural region, everything is grown locally, antipasti is essential and it’s extremely cheap! If you are meat-eaters, head to a local Braceria where you can choose your meat and sides and have it cooked in front of you for an authentic experience. A special experience on offer is booking a private chef to come to your Beach Villa and cook for you so you can experience traditional Puglian food across numerous courses (seriously, have a light lunch!) for a very reasonable price.

Villa balcony

7- Luxury Beach Villa

The cherry on the icing on your Puglian holiday is of course the accommodation, this 6 bedroom 5 bathroom villa is a slice of modernity in a rustic and historic area. The pictures of the villa speak for themselves, so check them out, but here is a few words on why you will love it. The contemporary and minimalist villa is right on the beach, offering you unrivalled access to a secluded slipway into the calm sea, and unlimited access to the beach! With three large terraces, you can enjoy breakfast on the lower balcony, sunbathe on the middle balcony with the sunbeds and gorgeous plants, and head up to the roof terrace for an Aperol Spritz at with panoramic views of sunset!

Balcony breakfast

Take the kayaks out on the warm, shallow waters to explore the local coastline, before nipping across the street to get a large gelato of your choice. If beach clubs are up your street, there are a couple nearby for you to have a cocktail, meet the locals and dance to some Italian music…

If these seven reasons have convinced you, get in touch for more information.

Please note, bookings will be accepted in line with Government guidance and follow restrictions on travel and holiday bookings carefully


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